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Foundation Repair

State of the art techniques allow for a quick, professional, almost unseen foundation repair.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Crawl Space Repair

All your problems begin with water.  Let us determine how the water is entering, remove it, and encapsulate your crawl space.



Our top priority is completing top-quality work to ensure your home is in the best possible condition. With fully trained and certified technicians and industry-leading products, we’re ready to restore your basement, foundation, or crawl space.


Discovering a crack on any part of your home is an overwhelming feeling, especially if it is a home you built. The feeling is comparable to getting that first big dent or scratch on your brand new truck or SUV. At best it stings, and at worst it consumes your every thought and most of your energy. What’s more than just discovering the crack, is not exactly knowing what the reason is behind the crack. Upon find the crack, your mind will likely jump to the absolute worst case scenario. Immediately all of those one-in-a-million accidents come to mind. You start to remember the story about the family that put their life savings into their dream house, only to have the ground beneath the home give way. Rest assured, we understand and are very sympathetic to that feeling. Fortunately, in most cases, it’s not near as big a deal as your are making it out to be. As foundation repair experts, it is our job to come into your home, assess the damage, and draw up a solutions using one of our foundation repair methods. When it comes to foundation repair, you have options, and each company’s foundation repair process is going to vary as much as will their prices. We strongly recommend you getting multiple free estimates from as many contractors in our area as possible. For a potential customer this may sound counter-intuitive and even silly to suggest that you “shop-around.” We are so confident in our ability to assess the damage and find the proper solutions, that we know you will ultimately come back to us.

Regardless of how many companies you find using a Google search for “foundation repair contractors near me,” we are confident in our experience, processes, products, and most importantly our team. Although technically there are many ways to attack a foundation repair issue, the methods are all fundamentally the same. This means that in order for us to earn your business we have to be first class during every other step of the way. We hope that you will request a foundation repair estimate and let one of our foundation repair engineers and sales professionals come to your home and give us a chance at earning your business. You won’t regret it.








Instead of hiding this near the bottom of the page, since it is the most frequently asked questions we get, let’s get it out in the open and give you a little insight.  If you got bids from five foundation repair companies for the same issue at the same house, you would received five different prices.  We can say that with confidence because that is simply how the industry works.  Fixing and repair a foundation is like mowing a lawn.  Some individuals like to use the trimmer and take care of the edge first, others will reverse that process.  At the same time there are those that love that criss-cross baseball diamond looking lawn, and again some that just want it finished.  At the end of the day, both lawns are clean and fresh, even though the way that process took place varied greatly.  

There isn’t one right way to fix or repair a foundation, in fact there are many ways to do a job and to do it right.  This also means that there will be a variety and range of prices that can range from using piers to using pier and beam, to using no such thing.  The point we are trying to get across is that this isn’t a grocery store and you aren’t buying milk here.  Comparing one company’s prices to another is almost as asinine as comparing the price of bread to that of apples.  If we were in the milk business, our price would be listed big and bold on our home page, making the decision easy for you.  Until we see your foundation and come up with a suitable solution, giving you a price will be nothing more than a shot in the dark.  For certain qualifying customers we do offer foundation repair financing.  The best and easiest way to receive information about the average cost, financing, promotional codes, and qualifying for a tax credit is to simply call us and request a free estimate.

When one of our design specialists comes to your home, he or she will answers any and every question you have.  We frequently are asked questions related to the following topics:

  • Foundation repair before and after
  • Foundation repair epoxy
  • Equipment rental
  • Home Depot DIY foundation repair
  • Coupon codes
  • Products

Though some of these topics and questions do appear to be irrelevant and unrelated to the issue at hand, our staff has been trained to give you a suitable answer where appropriate.  If it is a question related to what we know, we will answer it.  If we don’t know the answer to it, we will honestly tell you that we don’t know.


Many homeowners not only in our local Fargo area, but across the entire state and even country, refuse to do business with a company that is not local. Many homeowners are so against using a company from out of town that they would prefer watching a foundation repair how-to video on YouTube and figuring it out themselves. As a society we have become very educated. Ten years ago it the process entailed simply opening the phonebook and dialing the first company you came across. No homeowner anywhere had a clue what the Foundation Repair Association was, nor should they have. With the amount of fly-by-night companies now doing business it is almost necessary to be current and up to date on minor details such as this. The process of fixing one’s foundation now includes a debate about the pros and cons of foundation repair DIY options.

As we’ve said already, regardless of the question at hand, call and schedule a free estimate and get all your questions out on the table. If you are curious about a specific topic like joist repair or floor joist repair, but have no intention of using our service, we are more than okay with that and still happily welcome your call. Check us out, look at our reviews, and see what options are out there. Do your homework and talk to as many companies as you possibly can. We are confident in our excellent quality of service and know you will come ultimately end up doing business with us.


You may be wondering what the big deal is anyway with encapsulating your crawl space.  We’ve listened to countless homeowners express their confusion over the phone when it comes to crawl space questions.  We want to touch on this and few other things and explain why finding water and moisture in the crawl space is so serious and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.  

Crawl spaces and similar to food, in that the majority of the time, water mixed with food is never a good thing.  It leads to the food being quickly ruined and mold appearing.  Of course there are a few exceptions, but for the purpose of this conversation, understand that water is bad when it comes to this part of your home.  Water and heat lead quickly to mold, on your countertop, but more importantly in your crawl space.  Yellow mold specifically can even begin to put off vapors and gases that can be detrimental to the health of your family.  Here’s the simplified version of what causes a mold in the crawl space:

  • Crawl space is not sealed and encapsulated properly
  • Humidity causes moisture to form in the crawl space
  • Moisture causes mold
  • Mold releases gas and other fumes that are detrimental to your health
  • Mold also begins to eat away at your wood which can affect the structure of your home


“One of our tenants notified me of some damage in the crawlspace beneath our duplex. Great North Foundations came out and got everything fixed quickly and at a great price. Will definitely use their services in the future.”


“When I saw a crack in our foundation, I feared the worst. Thankfully I found Great North Foundations. They were honest and upfront with me throughout the entire process.”

Laura AndersonHOME OWNER


For many years it was thought that when building a home, it was intuitive to also include a vents to provide ventilation for the crawl space.  The theory was that these vents would allow moisture that somehow made its way into the crawl space a way to to escape, thus providing a water removal solution before it ever occurred.  Recently it was determined that installing vents was actually a counter-intuitive action that attracted water and allowed it a way in.  Homeowners began installing vent covers to fix the problem.  Unfortunately, a simply vent cover is not the entire solution, though it has it’s place.  From these vents, as well as from other areas that were not properly sealed, water can make its way into the crawl space.  

This moisture, combined with some rather drastic whether that we experience here in North Dakota, is a combination for disaster.  The water and the heat combined create mold like you wouldn’t believe, which has many negative affects.  As we stated early, yellow mold is among the worst and can be dangerous to one’s health.  This is one of the reasons that the first signs and symptoms of water in the crawl space is a spike in allergies among the household.  Initially it is usually tossed aside as a bad allergy year, but when the allergies continue to ramp up and never go away, a deeper problem is discovered.

With this information it becomes obvious that in order to solve the problem the root cause of the issue must be taken care of or it will simply continue to be an issue forever.  The location of the seeping water must be identified and properly dealt with, the mold must be removed, and the space must be encapsulated.  Until those three steps have taken place, a never-ending uphill battle will be fought with no end in sight.  


If you are a technologically savvy individual you have likely discovered the endless amounts of free content related to this subject online and specifically on YouTube.  These are great tools for gathering information and some of them are spot on with their information.  Unfortunately there is no way to moderate what is put out and the truthfulness of what is being said.  This results in a few good pieces of content and a lot of garbage that you should not waste time listening to and most importantly believe.  

A good rule of thumb when determining whether someone knows what they are talking about or not is to check how many views that video has, as well as the comments at the bottom of the video.  There is a strong correlation with the number of views a video has and the validity of the content.  


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